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With ever increasing visual clutter in the market, your logo/ corporate identity is sometimes the first part of your company people will see; with this they base crucial first impressions… it’s very important it reflects the company in good light.

When managed and created professionally, your visual image will represent much more than a “logo”. The corporate identity of your company or product will be so clear that it becomes a yardstick; from your advertising to your corporate print – gaining a consistent quality and most importantly high customer perception.

The advantages are many, here are a few…

  • your company becomes easily recognized
  • being remembered puts you on the short list
  • creates motivation and pride in your staff
  • keeps you and your team focused


Brochure designers at GCS India, design business brochures, corporate brochures, trifold brochures, product brochures, catalogues, flyers etc.

Brochure design services at GCS help business firms of all sizes get their message out with professional and high-quality brochure.

Our experienced team assesses your objectives, research and write the copy, commission the photography, create the brochure or catalogue design, produce, print and deliver to your complete satisfaction.

If the company has a specific look and feel they are going for, provide samples for the graphic designer. This will also save valuable design time. The brochure design can be the fastest or slowest part of the brochure project. If the company doesn’t have a specific design in mind, we will encourage project leaders to discuss design concepts and look at brochure samples to eliminate designs the company isn’t interested in and find what concepts they are more receptive to.

Our goal is to provide your business with a unique and professional look. GCS Graphics Design Division is committed to give personnel attention to your company and we will be there from initial concept to final production of the graphic design project.

Professional Postcard, Leaflet, Flyer & poster design can make a big impact at trade shows and your own events. Out shine your competitors and let us do the work of designing a vibrant flyer or poster for you. We are up to the challenge of designing a flyer, from start to finish, for your company’s sense of style. So if your sales are not meeting your company’s objectives…let us be the piece of the puzzle that pushes your company above the rest by designing world class flyers, Leaflets, Pamphlets, Brochures, or Poster Prints.

GCS Graphics flyer & Poster design services can entail:

  • One off posters for a specific event Corporate poster for your offices
  • Corporate or product poster, Postcard for events Poster as gift to clients and prospects
  • Calendar poster or Postcard
  • Logo Design

Evolution is a process of change or development. It is when one version of a product is better than the previous one. But in the truest sense, evolution occurs in nearly every aspect of our lives, and especially in the business and consumer worlds. It seems that companies find themselves needing to be fast-paced, up-to-date and ever evolving to stay ahead of the competition.

if you think about the world’s most prominent brands, Nike, Mc-Donalds, Coca-Cola and others, it is easy to visualize their respective logos. Those designs have become the visual representation of the company brand, which is what people think about your company and their experiences with it. So, does that mean a logo should never be changed in order to avoid customer alienation and mistrust?

Believe it or not, logo evolution is as common as evolution in any other part of business, but to a lesser degree. Although drastic changes in a logo design can cause alienation and mistrust among existing and potential customers, never changing a logo can also have an adverse effect as well. While a logo update from time to time tells customers that the company is staying up-to-date in its offerings and still knows how to connect with its customers, a logo that never changes can make customers feel like the company is out of touch with its clientele.

Of course, changes should be subtle and keep the same basic design elements so the logo can still be easily associated with the company, product or service. Change should not occur too often either, as this can give an impression of a company without clear vision. There is a delicate balance, but in most cases it is appropriate to prudently alter a company logo from time to time.

Some Of Our Corporate Branding Works

What Our Clients Say About Our Branding Works ?

  • You get exactly what was promised and what you pay for , absolutely lovely designs for our packaging and 360 Degree Branding of our product launch into market . A complete strategic map was provided across all channels of communication for our 3 Brands GlucoHolt, IceBubble & Mount Fruit. These GCS guys really know what they are doing and have complete mastery of the subject matter of design & branding.

    Alister Mendonsa
    Alister MendonsaPartner, Glucoholt
  • Very professional service provided with some really top quality content. Thanks for helping us with our branding building.
    Kiran Sham
    Kiran ShamManaging Director, Differentech Solutions
  • You have been the preferred partner for our corporate branding works and have always been prompt in delivery under tight schedules . The website has come out really top class and so has the exhibition stall design for our overseas expo team.
    Dr.Keshav Prabhu
    Dr.Keshav PrabhuChief Of SSG, Konkan Speciality Polyproducts Pvt Ltd
  • The Branding works executed by you team was well worth the expense incurred by us. It really worked wonders for us in terms of the perception that corporate had for our company. Nowadays we get a lot more respect from large corporates after they look at our brochures.

    Jyothish Kovval
    Jyothish KovvalPartner, FE Engineering
  • One of the best design company i have been introduced to , i am very pleased to recommend you as one the most innovative companies in this region. Your branding work for my company has greatly strengthened my marketing efforts and helped bag prestigious contracts across the country.

    Sayeesh Tuneri
    Sayeesh TuneriProject Manager, CEC Bharath Pvt Ltd
  • We are very pleased with the high quality of works done by your team on our website and on the 360 degree branding needs of a small engineering firm like ours. Your patience and attention to detail is well appreciated.

    Ganesh Koran
    Ganesh KoranPartner, Elite Engineering Industries

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