Visual Merchandising

The use and manipulation of attractive sales displays and retail floor plans to engage customers and boost sales activity. In visual merchandising, the products being sold are typically displayed in such as way as to attract consumers from the intended market by drawing attention to the product’s best features and benefits.

Visual Merchandising is purely an aesthetics of science and it is the backbone of retail industry. Visual Merchandising plays a highly major role in retail industry. However the merchandise hardly sells in retails where identical merchandise is flooded in the market. Visual merchandising is a silent selling technique that helps to reduce the employee mix and increase per square feet returns and can further helps in reducing marketing budgets. The activity and profession consists of developing the floor plans and three-dimensional displays in order to maximize sales.

Both goods or services can be displayed to highlight their features and benefits. The purpose of such visual merchandising is to attract, engage, and motivate the customer towards making a purchase.

Visual merchandising commonly occurs in retail spaces such as retail stores and trade shows.

Elements of Visual Merchandinsing

There are five elements to visual merchandising that apply regardless of where the display is or what’s being marketed. Proper food merchandising can turn a passive looker into an active buyer.

Creating the best display requires an understanding of each aspect and working with them to create a cohesive display. There’s a lot of creativity involved and there’s no single solution to any visual merchandising problem, but the effectiveness relies on a visual merchandiser’s ability to incorporate and balance all the elements.

1. Color: The Soul
The color palette is the essence of the display. It sets up the atmosphere and speaks directly to consumers on a subconscious level. Green signifies health and freshness, orange emanates a feeling of friendliness, red inspires energy, black evokes elegance, blue indicates reliability and yellow shows happiness. Furthermore, you should ensure that the colors of the display complement the merchandise itself. Too much of one shade can be detrimental to the overall display, and too little of another may be ineffective.

2. Landscaping: The Ups and Downs
The elevation of products is referred to as landscaping. This is a great way to seize consumer attention and highlight items. Consider the size and shape of the merchandise being displayed when tending to landscaping, as these details will affect how much spotlight is cast on a featured product.

3. Texture: The Touch and Feel
Contrast in texture can enhance a display. The smoothness of natural wood can be offset by the textured pattern of manmade wire. Furthermore, textures carry meaning: Wire boasts a modern and industrial feel, wood offers a local and farm-fresh atmosphere, and metal creates a sleek and durable look. Figure out the overall atmosphere that you’d like to set up and assess which textures will support it, bolstering the effect with contrasting surfaces when possible.

4. Communication: The Storyteller
Studies have shown that signs have about five seconds to engage customers. When creating signage, go for legibility and readability. This is controlled through language, colors and font. It doesn’t just apply to large signs that feature new or featured items. Assess price tags and store-made product descriptions as well.

5. Decor: The Finishing Touches
The last step in visual merchandising is decor. It enhances the overall theme of the display without being distracting. Size, number and color should be considered when incorporating this final element.


We specialise in instore visual merchandising for luxury fashion retailers. Visual merchandising support for instore product presentation across fashion clothing and accessories as well as for food retailers. We can offer ongoing freelance visual merchandising or for one off projects like new store openings and events.


Interior decoration service to enhance retail environments. We offer bespoke design service for instore display concepts. It could be additions to the existing store design that upgrade the store’s look and bring to life the brand’s personality or season chances to improve the customer experience and promote specific ranges.

Window Displays

Designing creative window displays
Working with a specific brief or given an open brief we will create window displays that reflects your brand’s identity and strengthens you brand’s image.

Project Management
We have an established network of manufacturers and creative individuals that we work with to help us deliver every design in high specification. We project manage and look after every aspect of the prop production all the way to installation.


We focus on the set design and visual merchandising aspects of retail events, press events and pop up stores.

We work with retail companies directly or alongside marketing agencies to design and realize every presentation aspect of an event. We also offer visual merchandising dressing and prop sourcing for fashion press events.


We offer set design for Still Life photo shoots alongside product styling.

23-Feb-17 7-13-41 PMPOP Materials such as posters, danglers, brochures etc. play an important role in shopper marketing, especially in the unorganized trade in India, but deploying them at scale is a challenge.

We are one of the leading POP deployment companies in India covering over 50 stores every month for brands across industries.

Our well-trained merchandiser team follows industry best practices to deliver the best quality and quantity of visibility within a retail store, and uses our 360 Degree system to report merchandising along with photos, geolocation and timestamps to give clients real-time, transparent and reliable visibility into store level execution.

A great product display is an important shopper marketing tool. For high-involvement products it brings products into the consideration set, helps deliver experience to move the buying cycle forward, and for low-involvement and impulse products – is often the only thing required for making the sale.

Mangalore Web DesignA carefully selected artwork and design can add personality to the integrated marketing communications. We have experienced creative partners who have have worked with some of the leading brands in IT, Telecom, Automobile and FMCG sector

Blank billboard in the street, green plants
Blank billboard in the street, green plants

Brands now a days focus on Glow Sign Board (GSB) deployment at eye catching spaces outside retail outlets. We assist brands in capturing those spaces via dealer enrolment. We do pan India GSB deployment with a TAT of 7 Days in Top Towns and 25 days in remote locations.

Fixture design plays a major role in grabbing customer attention at retail outlets. Fixtures should be designed in such a way that they relate to product, brand and customer. Our expert retail fixture designers have years of experience in designing of the fixtures and SIS designs.

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